2012 end of the world or time for change?

A few of the previous occasions are within recent memory space. End of the world predictions take place with regularity. Twice in 2011, 90-year old evangelical minister Harold Camping predicted the ultimate end of the globe based on his own mathematical calculations, then on October 21 first on May 21. Nearly thirty years ago, Pat Robertson informed his an incredible number of television viewers that the next Coming would take place 1982. Doomsday predictions aren’t a recently available phenomenon.17 in the BMJ. The original research says paroxetine is safe and effective for the treatment of depressed adolescents, said co-author Dr. John Nardo, a psychiatrist with the Emory University Psychoanalytic Institute in Atlanta. Ours says paroxetine is neither safe and sound nor effective in the treating adolescents, Nardo added. And I don’t know of any example where two studies in the literature with the same data ever reached reverse conclusions. This reassessment was prompted by the RIAT initiative, launched by an international band of researchers, Nardo said. RIAT calls for the public release of data behind unpublished or questionable medical trials in order that outside experts can check the results, he explained. The original trial, known as Research 329, has been controversial ever since its 2001 publication, Nardo said.