22otters launches HerStory app that enables women to talk about health advice.

Using HerStory I could hear what other women like me have already been through.’ To help make HerStory a safe place, the 22otters team of wellness education specialists, breasts and physicians cancers survivors review all submitted tales. In addition, users who choose added anonymity can request that their tales are re-recorded using among our voice talents. The 22otters team behind HerStory can be on a quest to get the most helpful and compelling personal tales for those who are coping with health problems. To encourage story submissions, 22otters will donate to breast cancers non-profit organizations for every accepted story. HerStory depends upon women sharing their stories, and 22otters is normally launching a social mass media campaign using traditional press, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to attain women and households that could benefit from the app.Pharma researchers are collaborating and posting data like nothing you’ve seen prior also, and some of these are utilizing public cloud totally free and computing, open-source software.

Affordability of diarrhea treatment offers expect improving child survival In this article in the Huffington Post’s ‘Global Motherhood’ blog, Doug Horswill, senior vice president of the Canadian reference company Teck, and Venkatesh Mannar, president of the Micronutrient Initiative, which functions to remove vitamin and mineral zero the world’s the majority of vulnerable populations, look at global efforts to end child deaths from diarrhea, a campaign they say ‘many are calling the next revolution in child survival.’ ‘Diarrhea kills up to one million children each year,’ they write, adding, ‘It is an awful waste of life and untapped potential, produced even more terrible by the actual fact that it costs significantly less than a dollar to take care of’ with oral rehydration salts and zinc products.