3M HEALTHCARE introduces Tegaderm I.

3M HEALTHCARE introduces Tegaderm I.V.V drug information . Advanced Securement Dressing for patients, a comprehensive option with transparent, breathable film, a stabilization border and brand-new, comfort adhesive technology. The new dressing is usually perceived by clinicians to lessen catheter manipulation and withstand staining which could lead to less frequent dressing changes, and may provide a cost benefits option for hospitals. ‘Using proven 3M adhesive technology, the Tegaderm I.V.

High-quality clinical documentation is a driving force behind clinical, compliance and business decisions. By transforming healthcare organizations’ scientific data into actionable info, we are providing a new level of medical intelligence that, in the entire case of Computer-Assisted Physician Documentation, will not only bring substantial improvements to doctor workflow; it also will facilitate more precise and full coding and even more accurate claims, said Janet Dillione, executive vice president and general supervisor, Nuance Health care. The combined features of Nuance and 3M will uniquely enable medical documentation improvement at the point-of-dictation. Our shared focus is on helping health care organizations create ICD-10-ready scientific documentation that may streamline coding, reimbursement and travel financial performance.