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And around the world. We look forward to motivating our dedicated supporters to volunteer, donate and, of course, to vote weekly to help AHF in its objective to save lives. Members Project can be a partnership between American TakePart and Express, a social action network. Additionally it is a chance to build on the momentum that AHF’s e-community provides been gaining over recently. Those who’ve joined Associates Project can vote for just one charity weekly from a listing of up to 50 charities. Every three months, the votes are counted and five charities in that circular of voting will talk about a complete of $1,000,000 in funding.The word orthomolecular expressed the notion of ‘the proper molecules in the proper concentration.’ A couple of psychiatrists, Abram Hoffer and Humphry Osmond, began successfully dealing with schizophrenics with mega-doses of niacin or supplement B3. Thus the recognition of balancing molecular nutrients in the mind was the foundation of molecular psychiatry, which led to orthomolecular medicine for physical ailments also. Compare orthomolecular therapies to dangerous pharmaceuticalsMega-dose IV vitamin C is definitely a stellar exemplory case of orthomolecular medicine. It’s been used for a variety of diseases successfully. Yet mainstream medical doctors refuse to consider it or admit its efficiency.