A portion which was dedicated to addressing the medication shortage crisis.

It advocates for collaboration among health information system vendors also, drug database vendors, and the end-user community on CDS system design and screening and development of new algorithmic versions for pharmacotherapy warnings. The resource also contains revised revised ASHP statements and guidelines on the following: – ASHP Declaration on the Roles and Duties of the Pharmacy Executive – ASHP Statement on Pharmacist's Role in Substance Abuse, Prevention, Education, and Assistance – ASHP Statement on the Pharmacist's Part in Clinical Informatics[replaces ASHP Statement on the Pharmacist’s Part in Informatics] -ASHP Recommendations on Outsourcing Sterile Compounding Services – ASHP Guidelines: Minimum Standard for Ambulatory Care Pharmacy Practice ASHPBest Methods 2015-2016 is available for purchase.In the cohort of individuals with suspected colonic disease, the patients had at least among the following symptoms: anal bleeding, hematochezia, melena, a recent change in bowel habits, or a confident fecal occult-blood check. Exclusion criteria were as follows: an age younger than 18 years; the current presence of dysphagia, congestive heart failing, renal insufficiency, intestinal obstruction, a life-threatening condition, or a pacemaker or other implanted electromedical device; current pregnancy; abdominal medical procedures previously 6 months; inability to provide educated consent; or current participation in another medical study.