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UN and other officials also that the factors of HIV cases in Indonesian jails addicts sharing cell space with other inmates and the prison overcrowding are, AFP / Yahoo! News reports. According to Kroll, is the total number of prisoners in Indonesia 136th while the total capacity of the prisons in the country is 70 National AIDS Commission head Nafsiah mboi said that the condemned inmates of drug inmates convicted of other crimes should be separated to curb drug use in prisons .

According to the AP / Herald, drug use is high in Indonesian jails, and dozens of prisoners from AIDS-related causes of deaths each year. Christian Kroll, the UN global coordinator for HIV / AIDS that more drug treatment centers in the country, which now has 45 drug rehabilitation facilities are required. Also said also said that inmates convicted of drug use as people who need therapy instead of criminals should be treated. Judges and Prosecutors training should be given. .

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