According to the AP.

According to the AP, rather than pay out the royalties or licensing fee that would enable them to create Plumpy’nut, Breedlove Foods Inc. And the Mama Cares Basis last month filed a lawsuit demanding what the groupings say is a ‘broad and generic’ patent on the product . ‘Manufacturers of equivalent pastes have been reluctant to challenge Nutriset as the patents are so broad, but [Mike] Mellace [mind of the Mama Cares Basis] said he and [David] Fish [head of Breedlove Meals Inc.] believed there must be ‘no limitations on the development and production of life-saving food help,” writes IRIN. ‘Approximately 200 million children under the age of five in the developing world have problems with stunted growth because of chronic maternal and childhood undernutrition, according to the U.N.Today, the AOA launches the ‘Break Through Your Discomfort’ public education campaign. By exposing common misperceptions associated with chronic pain, the campaign is designed to empower people surviving in pain to find the resources and help they want. ‘Chronic pain is an extremely serious and unaddressed general public ailment, and many folks are reluctant to speak to their physician for fear of feeling hopeless, or being unsure of how to initiate the conversation simply,’ stated Robert I.