ACE launches GET EXERCISE Site for consumers The American Council on Workout.

ACE launches ‘GET EXERCISE’ Site for consumers The American Council on Workout , America’s leading authority on fitness and among the largest fitness certification, education and training organizations in the global world, announced the start of a fresh online resource for consumers today. Together with its 25th anniversary, ACE created the ‘GET EXERCISE’ Site to provide a comprehensive source of trustworthy health tools, exercise details and publications for consumers. This will be housed within the organization’s existing site, a respected supply for fitness industry specialists, and located at The ‘Get Fit’ consumer portal is made to inform, inspire, educate and motivate people to lead an healthful and active lifestyle by offering credible routines, exercise information, fitness specifics, and personal training resources at no cost.The findings provide a physiological explanation for the common observation that folks smoke more in bars. The findings also explain figures showing that alcoholics have a tendency to smoke more than nonalcoholics, and that smokers will be alcoholics. The selecting, released in the February/March 2004 issue of Tobacco and Nicotine Research, will help elucidate why anyone who has quit smoking relapse while alcohol consumption often. Such insights might lead to new smoking cessation strategies that take the drugs’ interaction into account, said Jed Rose, Ph.D., director of the Duke Nicotine Research System and co-creator of the nicotine patch. Such methods would be particularly useful for heavy drinkers and folks with an addiction to alcohol, Rose added.