ACP Hospitalist.

ACP wins excellence for health care publishing award The American University of Doctors is pleased to announce that ACP Internist, ACP Hospitalist, and ACP InternistWeekly have won awards for excellence in publishing. ACP Internist won a Gold EXCEL award from Association Press & Publishing in the Newspapers: Feature Article: More than 50,000 category for an article on remote control monitoring and a silver award for Best How-To Content from the American Culture of Healthcare Publication Editors for a bit on simulators . ACP InternistWeekly gained a silver award for Greatest E-Newsletter and ACP Hospitalist gained a bronze award for Best Department from ASHPE.

There is no evidence of adverse health effects in humans due to the use of healthcare topical antiseptic products. In addition, a robust body of research supports the basic safety of substances used in healthcare topical antiseptic products.’ ACI also said FDA should consider all existing data highly relevant to the efficacy of health care antiseptic active ingredients and indicate where particular data gaps exist, if any, for every active component. ‘For the agency to suggest that previous exams of the same or comparable strains are no more valid is certainly arbitrary and the requirement for new repeated assessments is unduly burdensome,’ wrote Dr. DeLeo. ACI also asked FDA never to change protection classifications of several essential antibacterial substances, stating that ‘FDA offers provided no data to point that there is any safety concern associated with the usage of items made up of these actives, or they are ineffective in their use.