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Active Biotech, Teva remain committed to NERVENTRA clinical development program for multiple sclerosis Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. Relative to European regulations, Active and Teva Biotech plan to request a re-examination of the CHMP opinion. Teva and Energetic Biotech are focusing on analyzing the CHMP's review and will continue to liaise closely with the EMA in working to make NERVENTRA available while a new treatment option for patients with RRMS in European countries.The researchers conducted in-depth interviews with each patient, and especially looked for differences in behaviors between depressed individuals who got attempted suicide and the ones who had not. Specific patterns of behavior begun to emerge, the scholarly study authors said. ‘Many of these symptoms will never be spontaneously known by the patient, [so] the clinician needs to inquire directly,’ Popovic said. She and her co-workers also discovered that ‘depressive mixed states’ often precede suicide attempts. ‘A depressive mixed condition is where a patient is depressed, but has symptoms of ‘excitation also,’ or mania,’ Popovic explained. ‘We found this a lot more in individuals who had previously attempted suicide, than those that had not. Actually, 40 % of all the depressed individuals who attempted suicide experienced a ‘mixed episode’ rather than just depression.