ActiveCare announces option of new type of services for aging individuals ActiveCare Inc.

Today announced the option of a new line of services that provide aging individuals and their caregivers many conveniences identical to those offered by in-home care or assisted living, only at the touch of a switch and at a fraction of the cost. ActiveCare’s services are given through the innovative ActiveOne PAL handset. ActiveCare services range between GPS location and fall detection, by the built-in accelerometer, to turn-by-switch directions and simple phone connections.A study* specifically commissioned to launch Cancers Research UK’s Man Alive advertising campaign today reveals that a significant proportion of the man population could possibly be compromising their wellness because of a reluctance to visit GP surgeries. Only 52 per cent of males questioned for the poll stated they would immediately look for medical help if indeed they found traces of blood within their stool. This can be among the commonest symptoms of bowel cancers, a disease that affects 19,000 UK men each full year. Younger men were most likely to cite embarrassment as a good reason to delay getting their symptoms checked, whereas those in the 45+ generation were worried about what the doctor might find as the result of an examination.