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It can also be effectively used as a single treatment for certain conditions. A number of studies conducted suggest that acupuncture might offer indicative comfort in some circumstances like lower backaches, fibromyalgia, acute migraines, head aches, and osteoarthritis. The treatment is also thought to offer specific post-operative pains including vomiting and nausea induced by chemotherapy, dental pain, tennis elbow in addition to persistent menstrual cramps; to name a few just. Acupuncture treatment is a safer option when conducted by an expert acupuncture practitioner accurately, and consistently properly. It is also effectively amalgamated with various other treatments for quicker relief from many particular ailments.We could actually demonstrate, using laser doppler probes and imaging that increased blood circulation to the tumour but that healthful tissue was not affected. We were after that also capable demonstrate that administering BQ123 could significantly increase the delivery of the anti-cancer drug cyclophosphamide to the tumour. Furthermore, tumour response to fractionated radiotherapy was also improved considerably because the increased blood circulation carried even more oxygen to the tumour.’ Dr. Feron, who is an associate professor and research associate in the Division of Internal Medicine at the University of Louvain, said that the group was likely to start Phase We clinical trials in individuals now.e.