After confirming the structure of gold-platinum nanorods

After confirming the structure of gold-platinum nanorods, Zubarev and Khanal, a way to make was soluble in organic solvents, which are favored by the industry. Based on previous work in the production of soluble Zubarev gold nanorods, found a way to couple the hair-like molecules of polystyrene to the surface of the gold-platinum to attach rods .

About the AUB Medical CenterAUBMC is the private, not – for-profit teaching center of the Faculty of Medicine at the American University of Beirut. It consists of a 420 – bed medical center and provides all medical, surgical, pediatrics, obstetrics / gynecology and psychiatric services. The Medical Center offers comprehensive healthcare services, extensive tertiary / quaternary resources, medical, nursing and paramedical training.

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