Aida granted new anti-cancer patent One of mainland Chinas leading pharmaceutical businesses.

Our scientists and researchers are deeply motivated by the news and will reinforce our self-confidence in the ongoing scientific trials of Rh-Apo2L. Rh-Apo2L is certainly a pioneering biotechnology gene therapy drug used to treat certain forms of cancer. Rh-Apo2L offers completed the Phase I clinical trials effectively in July 2006. This biopharmaceutical medication has gained the attention of researchers and medical specialists throughout China who are observing the drug for potential replacement of surgery and radiation therapy for cancer. Potentially, over 8 million people can be treated each full year in China with this drug. Aida Pharmaceuticals is usually a product-focused pharmaceuticals organization involved in the formulation, clinical examining, registration, manufacture, sales and advertising of advanced pharmaceutical and genetic items in mainland China.The mice experiments were performed over a five-week period, and blood-alcoholic beverages concentrations reached the equivalent of a 150-pound adult consuming two drinks per hour; cigarette smoke exposure was related to being in an automobile with a chain smoker with the windows closed. The researchers say the combination of the smoky air flow and the ethanol got the result of negating any potential heart reap the benefits of drinking alcohol alone. Lead researcher, Scott Ballinger, who’s an associate professor in the UAB Section of Pathology, says the analysis shows that exposure to cigarette smoke when coupled with alcohol consumption caused the best degree of cardiovascular disease development compared to either action or exposure only.