Akorn acquires NDA and all rights to Betimol from Santen Akorn.

Akorn acquires NDA and all rights to Betimol from Santen Akorn, Inc.25 percent & 0.5 percent from Santen. This acquisition further enhances our platform and growth possibilities in 2014. Financial Impact of the Transaction This transaction is expected to add around $8 million to $9 million in revenues to 2014 and approximately $0.03 to $0.04 of adjusted net gain per diluted share.The potassium-lowering action of ZS-9 is founded on size-selective micropores in the zirconium silicate crystal structure, which traps potassium in the digestive tract in trade for protons and sodium. The potassium-binding capability of ZS-9 is 9 moments that of organic polymer resins and is definitely more selective by a factor of more than 125 for potassium over calcium.16 ZS-9 is insoluble, will not swell on connection with water, and isn’t absorbed systemically, according to mass balance studies in animal models displaying fecal excretion of zirconium of more than 99 percent after ingestion.17 The stable crystal framework of ZS-9 enables binding of potassium through the entire gastrointestinal system, which probably explains the significant fall in serum potassium amounts within 1 hour following the initial 10-g dose.