April 29 May 1.

Two prestigious groups of awards will be presented-the William P. Potsic Fundamental Science Award for the best basic technology research paper, and the Charles F. Ferguson Clinical Analysis Award, to get the best clinical research paper. 2011 William P. Potsic Basic Technology Award Honoree: 1st Place Yuemeng Dai, MD, PhD Enos Protein Expression is Decreased in Involuting Hemangiomas 2011 Charles F. Ferguson Clinical Research Award Honoree: 1st Place Stephanie Maturo, MD Intraoperative Laryngeal Electromyography in Kids with Vocal Fold Immobility: Results of a Multicenter Longitudinal Study As well as the awards, hundreds of pieces of new research will be presented during the ASPO meeting, focusing on children’s ear, nose, and throat health.Everybody knows how essential a healthy diet plan is to your current health, but do you realize just how important it really is to the health of your skin. Poor health is normally reflected in the health of your skin usually. If you feel like you’ve tried all the products in the marketplace without much success then maybe its time you look at your diet. Many of the foods you eat every day is probably in charge of your skin problems. Lets quickly look at 3 of the biggest culprits. 1. High fat food Foods that are saturated in fats is incredibly bad for your health and incredibly detrimental to the fitness of your epidermis. Chips, hamburgers and pizza are high in saturated fats. Also, whatever is deep fried ought to be off your radar – at least for now.