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Christopher J priligy 30 .D. McKinlay, Ph.D., Jane M. Alsweiler, Ph.D., Judith M. Ansell, Ph.D., Nicola S. Anstice, Ph.D., J. Geoffrey Chase, Ph.D., Gregory D. Gamble, M.Sc., Deborah L. Harris, Ph.D., Robert J. Jacobs, Ph.D., Yannan Jiang, Ph.D., Nabin Paudel, B.Optom., Matthew Signal, Ph.D., Benjamin Thompson, D.Phil., Trecia A. Wouldes, Ph.D., Tzu-Ying Yu, Ph.D., and Jane E. Harding, D.Phil. For the CHYLD Study Group: Neonatal Glycemia and Neurodevelopmental Outcomes at 24 months.

Dairy farms make use of animal feed containing substances imported from China? If so, then we may have a problem here that’s much, much bigger than infant method. We might have a dairy industry that’s creating melamine-contaminated milk, that could mean that virtually all milk, yoghurt, butter and cheese produced in the U.S. Might be contaminated with some known level of melamine. Again, NaturalNews does not have any proof that this may be the situation, however the melamine must somewhere attended from. It didn’t simply spontaneously generate in the infant formula as the FDA would seemingly want us to believe. If the milk proteins in infant formula are contaminated with melamine, after that it stands to reason that the milk proteins utilized through the entire food supply may also be contaminated.