Created by extreme workloads.

Associate Professor Sargent says current Commonwealth financing arrangements for nursing homes, introduced in 1997, possess placed pressure on operators to cut costs and Australia’s rapidly-ageing human population is placing an unprecedented stress on aged-care provision which is likely to continue in arriving years which pressure is likely to further damage the quality of working life for staff and undermine resident treatment. The Australian Nursing Federation says there is an urgent dependence on improvement in working conditions in the aged treatment sector with nurses under significant stress because of excessive workloads, price cutting, and hostile work environments.As physician professionals providing treatment in highly complicated environments such as the operating room and intensive care unit, we believe it is essential that patients understand working out and qualifications of those at their bedside clearly. We welcome the launch of the Healthcare Truth and Transparency Work of 2010 and commend Representatives Sullivan and Scott because of their leadership on this important and timely patient concern. A nationwide survey conducted in 2008 confirmed that there is increasing patient confusion regarding the many types of healthcare providers – including physicians, technicians, nurses, physician assistants and other allied providers. The analysis discovered that patients want accurate information about these providers further.