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According to his established bio, he is currently the president and CEO of Jarvik Heart, Inc. Previously, the tiny device had only been tested in pets. The hospital had to get special authorization from Jarvik and the Italian wellness ministry to utilize it on the child, Reuters said.. 16-month-older gets smallest artificial heart A 16-month-boy has received the world’s smallest artificial center. Italian doctors implanted these devices – – weighing in at 11 grams – – in to the infant to provide him more period to hold back for a heart donor. For comparison, a grown-up center weights 900 grams. Later on, doctors informed Reuters that they hope devices like this could be a permanent fix. The infant, whose name isn’t being released, was experiencing dilated myocardiopathy, an illness of the heart muscles affecting the primary pumping chamber or the remaining ventricle, according to the Mayo Clinic.‘The guideline includes recommendations made to serve as helpful information for patients and doctors to discuss evidence-based treatment options and collectively determine the very best course of action for their treatment,’ explained Jasvinder Singh, MD, MPH, a rheumatologist at the University of Alabama who served as principal investigator for the guideline task. ‘They address what we [the guideline development group] felt had been the most common clinical scenarios physicians encounter when treating RA and helping sufferers manage the problem.’ Related StoriesResearchers develop novel technology for chronic arthritisRheumatoid arthritis considerably increases threat of death due to cardiovascular causesScientists identify fresh protein that regulates intensity of tissue damage caused by RAOf the suggestions included, 23 % are strong and 77 % are conditional.