High cholesterol.

These evidence-based medical care protocols derive from the most recent scientific data, and are considered the very best treatments for cardiovascular disease and those with the very best outcomes for patients. Within this ongoing scientific initiative, Sutter Health’s 26 affiliated hospitals and its physicians will continually gather data and monitor outcomes of both men and women treated in their facilities against the brand new protocols.. 82 % of women have at least one factor that puts them at risk for a future heart attack In the second year of a Northern California-based survey conducted by Sutter Health on ladies and heart disease, results show that more women are aware of heart attack warning signs and the need to take action quickly.Air quality in cities linked to inflammatory risk in diabetes By Sally Robertson, medwireNews Reporter Contact with traffic-related air pollutants is associated with a rapid upsurge in systemic inflammation in patients with diabetes, report Indian researchers. The team found that among patients going to a diabetes clinic in the city of Pune in India, high concentrations of serum C-reactive proteins were connected with increased ambient levels of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide . The analysis was predicated on data on CRP levels that the experts had previously gathered for diabetic patients within the Wellcome Trust Genetic Study, and the patients’ exposure to different ambient air pollutants were assessed using data from the National QUALITY OF AIR Monitoring Program that has been set up since 2004.