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In the case of the fruit fly, is the ability memories takes a few hours form lost due to age-related impairment of the function of certain neurons. Interestingly, the researchers found that the promotion of the same neurons can age-related age-related memory disorders reversed. This study once the relevant neurons are identified in humans, at least in principle a potential development of new drugs to hit these neurons and to save these memories affected by the aging process, Davis said.

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While no one really understands what changes in the brain during the aging process, in the current study, the scientists were able functional functional cellular imaging, the changes in the fly neuron activity before and after learning to see these changes. Monitor – We are able to peer into the fly brain and see changes in the brain, said Davis. We found changes that reflect how medium-term memory is encoded in these neurons appear. .. Olfactory memory that was used by the researchers, is the most studied form of memory in fruit flies – basically pairing an odor with a mild electric shock.The definitive approval from the European the Commission currently fixed on the basis of external and development external relations and development. The meeting will be posted at that pledging conference and is in addition to the assistance the EU Member provided by the EU Member States.

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