Including 4 deaths.

Currently, the outbreak appears to be restricted to the environs of Yambio; however, neighbouring countries have already been notified. At this stage, WHO recommends no special restrictions on travel or trade as a total consequence of this outbreak.. 19 cases, including 4 deaths, of Ebola haemorrhagic fever southern Sudan As of 24 May 2004, medical authorities of Yambio County have reported a total of 19 cases, including 4 deaths, of Ebola haemorrhagic fever in Yambio, Western Equatoria, south Sudan. Laboratory screening performed by the Kenya Medical Study Institute and by the Centers for Illnesses Control and Prevention USA have verified EHF.But at the various other end of the spectrum, we may fail to avoid a disagreement or a fight. By showing that alcoholic beverages exerts this effect in normal volunteers by functioning on specific mind circuits, these study results make it harder for you to definitely believe that risky decision-making after alcohol ‘doesn’t apply to me’,’ Wolf said. Working with a dozen healthy participants who drink socially, analysis fellow Jodi Gilman, working with senior writer Daniel Hommer, MD, at the National Institutes on Alcohol Alcoholism and Abuse, used practical magnetic resonance imaging to review activity in emotion-processing mind regions during alcohol exposure. Over two 45-minute periods, the study participants received either alcohol or a saline remedy and were shown pictures of fearful facial expressions intravenously.