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With XIENCE Xpedition, Abbott proceeds its commitment to advancing drug eluting stent technology to boost product performance and individual outcomes.25 mm to 4 mm, including a unique 3.25 mm size, and lengths from 8 mm to 38 mm. Actonel is used to help make the bones stronger and less prone to fractures hence. Actonel 35mg is normally taken once a week for the treating osteoporosis. A person who is experiencing osteoporosis is on an extremely risky of bone fractures as the bones are weakened.For the Upper body Investigators and the Australian and New Zealand Intensive Treatment Society Clinical Trials Group: Hydroxyethyl Starch or Saline for Fluid Resuscitation in Intensive Care The administration of intravenous fluids to improve intravascular volume is a frequent intervention in the intensive care unit , but the selection of resuscitation fluid remains controversial.1,2 Globally, 0.9 percent sodium chloride may be the most commonly used fluid, although colloids are administered normally as crystalloids, and hydroxyethyl starch is the most frequently used colloid.3 Several research have questioned the safety of HES in critically ill individuals, with particular concern that its use increases the risk of acute kidney injury.4,5 Most concern has centered on the use of concentrated HES solutions with a molecular weight greater than 200 kD and a molar substitution ratio of more than 0.5.4,6 Commonly used HES solutions have a lower concentration with a molecular pounds of 130 kD and molar substitution ratios of 0.38 to 0.45.