It now will fund one $500.

It is required that either the PI or at least one co-investigator become an AANEM member.. AANEM Base strengthens and expands research initiatives The AANEM Basis for Study and Education has strengthened and expanded its research initiatives. It now will fund one $500,000 grant . The goal of this award is usually to fund research with high potential to impact patient care. The funded task will identify essential relationships between EDX measures or imaging modalities with regards to the clinical or functional outcomes of people with neuromuscular disorders, AANEM Research Committee Seat, Eric J.Thanks to the exceptional clinical function of a multidisciplinary group, made up of Dr. Anita Dr and Asgar. Raoul Bonan from the Department of Interventional Cardiology, Dr. Anique Dr and Ducharme. Ars-ne Basmadjian from the Section of Echocardiography, and Dr. Jennifer Cogan and Dr. Alain Deschamps from the Division of Anesthesiology, the MHI is considered as a model to emulate. Percutaneous implantation of the MitraClip program: a highly effective therapy For some patients, the implantation of the MitraClip program is a preferable option to heart surgery.