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Outcomes from these reported studies show liprotamase was well tolerated and in addition previously, improved various other important clinical measures such as stool frequency and weight. The brand new data on liprotamase from the landmark, long-term, worldwide Phase 3 safety and nutritional study in sufferers with CF, which is announced at the NACFC, is one of two long-term studies completed. The long-term security and nutritional benefits of liprotamase was also evaluated in a second Phase 3 research in patients with chronic pancreatitis or pancreatectomy..The study, which is an evaluation of data from the National Survey of Children’s Health , also showed that many children with asthma were not seeing a regular physician often enough. Almost one-third of parents of uninsured kids said that they had no personal primary treatment doctor for their child. More than one-third of parents of kids who had lost insurance and about half of parents of kids with no insurance for a full year said their child hadn’t seen a personal doctor for preventive care in the past year.