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The scholarly study compared white, dark, Hispanic, and Chinese Americans to look for possible racial/ethnic differences in the aging-related price of kidney function decline. Related StoriesChildren with congenital cardiovascular disease and ADHD can reap the benefits of stimulant medicationsCardiovascular disease morbidity is normally significantly reduced through intensive administration of blood pressureNew 3D imaging technology lets researchers look at earliest indications of heart diseaseAfrican Us citizens demonstrated a faster annual price of decline. By one equation, decline was about 60 % quicker for African American versus white participants.Differential diagnoses included solar lentigo, flat seborrhoeic keratosis, pigmented actinic keratosis and, most importantly, recurrent lentigo maligna.. ASN to conduct Scientific Annual and Sessions Meeting at Experimental Biology in NORTH PARK The American Culture for Nutrition will hold its 2014 Scientific Classes and Annual Conference at Experimental Biology , from April 26-30, 2014, in San Diego. EB 2014 brings together the leading experts from a large number of life-science disciplines. WHO: More than 14,000 biomedical researchers from industry, government, nonprofits, the personal sector and academia WHAT: Experimental Biology, the convergence of six scientific societies' annual meetings WHEN: April 26-30, 2014 WHERE: NORTH PARK Convention Middle, 111 W. Harbor Drive, San Diego, Calif.