Plus some workers have taken into consideration taking extra precautions to avoid getting unwell.

Was the airport intentionally exposing workers by not giving or permitting them to wear protective gear? Are the authorities attempting to suppress open public fears to maintain business? The majority of the ticket agents were wearing gloves, but the contractor couldn’t wear his gloves or mask, probably because airport terminal officials didn’t need him scaring the public. ‘It makes me mad, it creates me terrified that they’re denying me to put on safety precautions. Plus they told me that if I go out, they’ll let me go – and that just makes me more mad,’ said Medina. The supervisor told Medina that he would be fired if he continued to put on the gloves and mask, stating that Medina was ‘out of uniform.’ Airport spokesperson David Magana reported that a contractor experienced asked airport officials about wearing protective gear.Furthermore, the delivery of integrated preventive and therapeutic providers would be far more effective than parallel delivery of every intervention separately. It is our wish that policymakers, donors and governments use our cost estimates to reinforce their health systems. This study follows a number of articles by Black, Bryce and their colleagues, published by The Lancet starting in June 2003, which examines the means to reduce global kid mortality.