Professor Richard Lilford and Dr Yen-Fu Chen of the University&39.

In collaboration with the University of Birmingham they will aim to understand factors likely to impede or improve the performance of the change in practice.. Academics call for more research to understand hospital weekend death risk Two academics from the University of Warwick say more research is needed to understand why sufferers are more likely to die in medical center at the weekend. Professor Richard Lilford and Dr Yen-Fu Chen of the University's Warwick Medical College, raised the issue carrying out a study that claims hospital weekend loss of life risk is common in a number of developed countries – not only England Professor Lilford, said: Understanding this is an extremely important task because it is large, in about 10 percent in relative risk terms and 0.4 percent in %age point conditions.It helps to keep a tab on the blood sugar levels. O The consumption of calories by our body has an impact on the blood sugar. Be sure you consume almost the same quantity of calories every day. 4. EXERCISE – Regular exercising or physical activity has a significant part to play in preventing, controlling or reversing diabetes mellitus. Exercise helps you relieve stress, maintain a wholesome weight and improve blood circulation and insulin sensitivity. You need not to shed sweat in gym or follow a grueling fitness routine. You can do simple exercises like: * Cardio exercises – Brisk strolling, cycling, dancing and swimming * Strength training-lifting light weights * Versatility exercises including stretching and skipping 5.