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AgeneBio expects to initiate the AGB101 Phase 3 clinical system in the second half of 2015. Related StoriesStudy discovers high prevalence of dehydration in the elderly living in UK treatment homesHealth Education England launches Dementia Primary Skills Education and Teaching FrameworkResearchers find that stem cell treatment may reduce cognitive impairment related to dementia with Lewy bodiesAGB101 is the first and just treatment to focus on hippocampal hyperactivity, a condition characteristic of the aMCI stage of Alzheimer's disease. The Phase 3 trial will build on studies in both animal models and sufferers with aMCI that have demonstrated the need for reducing hippocampal hyperactivity to restore the brain function essential to maintain cognitive function and memory space.If you intend to be exercising in the heat and humidity for a lot more than an full hour, it is important to consume a sports drink, in addition to water, to replenish the salt lost from sweating, Glatter stated. A few salty pretzels are also an excellent option to a sports drink if you prefer, he added. Heat cramps and warmth exhaustion are the most common heat-related ailments. Nausea, dizziness, and muscle mass cramping are most normal with this condition. Skin might be cool and moist with profuse sweating. IV fluids may be necessary in persons in reducing symptoms. A awesome air-conditioned environment can be necessary to help persons better cool their bodies, Glatter said.