Secondary endpoints include the pharmacodynamics of the combination AD-1001/INcell-1001.

Secondary endpoints include the pharmacodynamics of the combination AD-1001/INcell-1001, tumor,ed by hIL – 12 expression levels shown plus anti plus anti-tumor activity, such as by cellular immune responses in the target tumor, lymph node , and peripheral blood circulation.

More information about this Phase 1b study, by using the search identifier NCT00815607 at the NIH clinical trials website is:therapeutic strategyThe INcell-1001/AD-1001 combination represents a first-in – class the therapeutic strategy that utilizes Intrexon RheoSwitch therapeutic system for the in situ timing and the level of cytokine expression subsequent to the intratumoral injection of reprogrammed autologous dendritic cells control. Intrexon Intrexon and its employees support the prospective importance of in situ induction when the historical methods using the constitutive compared expression of known anti-tumor cytokines.

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