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The other two tested vaccines only use bits of the virus that are not infectious and could be prepared in less secure facilities.

A researchers infected this fall in a lab in Singapore is the only new cases reported worldwide.Nevertheless, the researchers are working feverishly around the world working to develop a vaccine. The World Health Organization announced last month accelerated international efforts could produce a SARS vaccine within two years.Health and medicine, Others members the research team from Wake Forest are co-principal investigator Martin Guthold, associate professor of physics , and Keith Bonin, Department of seat and Professor for Physics.. At this level Drug Discovery By Nanoscopic screening processexplorer at Wake Forest University to be using nanotechnology are looking to new cancer-fighting drugs that could be, which could be up to 10,000 method methods. – The Lab-on – Beads process million of chemicals will simultaneously for screening with tiny of plastic beads so small that 000 of them Each bead of a human hair. Each bead transmits separate chemical, is required to later, when it is required to indicate the properties of to treat cancers cells. Can replace a batch of nanoscale bead the work out of thousands of conventional, repetitive laboratory test.

The Wake Forest researchers are also to biotechnologists at Harvard Boston and University of? Louis Pasteur in Strasbourg, France, the provision of which chemical to be screened of the drug candidate. Biotech company nanoscale Medication showed interest in the commercialization of the process. The North Carolina Biotechnology Center, a private, nonprofit using the NC by the NC General Meeting, $ 75,000 has in the financing of the project provided.