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Under the terms of this new agreement, CRT will receive a signature fee, milestone payments and a share of potential royalties. RFB4 can be an antibody against CD22, a B cell antigen expressed in 70 percent of B cell lymphomas and leukaemias approximately. Because CD22 isn’t expressed on stem cells or in early B cell development, RFB4 gets the potential to form part of therapies selectively targeted to CD22-expressing cancer cells. Abiogen currently has two such therapies, incorporating RFB4 as the targeting device, in Phase 1 clinical trials.When:March 19 & 20, 2010 Where:Four Months Silicon Valley, East Palo Alto, CA For a complete program and set of faculty, review the meeting brochure at.. A Numbering Level for Different Stages of Depression By Patrick Day When I was in the varying stages of despair, my psychiatrist asked me, ‘On a level of 1-10, with 10 being the most severe unhappiness, how is your depression right now?’ It had been such a subjective and open-ended scale, that I found it to be not useful. I needed help for major depression, not analysis. Do my psychiatrist understand 8 as I understood 8? It had been frustrating.