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This course of action effectively sets supporting goals for the Association, as well as detailed goals for the current year, and broader goals for the next four years. Molecular pathology is certainly on its way to becoming central to the practice of medication, as molecular diagnostics proceeds to guide more accurate and personalized remedies, said Strategic Planning Execution Committee Chair Dr. Karen Mann. AMP intends to use its impact and the knowledge of its associates to provide education and promote policies that may enhance patient care. AMP also announced an expansion of its staff, including Director of Scientific Programs Melvin Limson, Project and PhD Coordinator TaNika Switzer.Ageing and Health publication simply by the Medical Study Council highlights groundbreaking focus on the ageing process With life span increasing worldwide, a new ‘Ageing and Health’ publication by the Medical Research Council highlights groundbreaking work on the ageing procedure, that could help elderly people not only live longer, but lead healthier and happier lives also. ‘Ageing and Wellness’, the initial in a new group of booklets about MRC analysis to boost human wellness, lays out the causes of age-related disorders such as for example brain ageing , cardiovascular disease, stroke, osteoporosis, diabetes and cancer, and describes MRC-funded study that has led to pioneering treatment and prevention.