The research is the result of collaboration between the Wake Forest School of Medicine.

The research is the result of collaboration between the Wake Forest School of Medicine, Wake Forest University Center for Nanotechnology and Molecular Materials, and Rice University. Director of Studies and professor of biochemistry Suzy V. From Wake Forest Baptist is very hot, breast cancer stem cells are generally resistant to drugs and radiotherapy, so targeting these particular cells is of great interest in the scientific community. – They are hard These are cells that do not often there there anyway, but if they get some kind of trigger. And this is not really understood well – believe it, to other websites and to other sites and start a metastasis elsewhere, Torti explained. Heat – based cancer therapies represent a promising approach for the clinical management of cancer, including breast cancer.

Stefano Luccioli, a Food and Drug Administration says Allergists and immunologist:.. Using a mouse model, the researchers injected tumors including breast cancer stem cells with nanotubes, which tubes tubes of carbon. Torti said of himself, nanotubes do not have anti-tumor properties, but when exposed to laser – generated near-infrared radiation , they begin to vibrate and generate heat. This combination can produce a local region in the tumor, which is very hot, she said. With this method the group was able to the growth of tumors, recurrence. Stem cells largely largely to stop composed. This suggests that it is possible nanotube mediated thermal treatment the differentiated cells the differentiated cells , which constitute the bulk of the tumor and the cancer stem cells to drive tumor growth and recurrence.

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