There is a great need for the development of a reference standard method Pfizer.

, there is a great need for the development of a ‘reference standard ‘method, surgical practice surgical practice Several attempts, this result in a certain degree of progress Pfizer . Buzby The index is specified, the index of malnutrition, the Muni Nutritional Assessment, the Subjective Global Assessment and so on. A large VA hospital study that hypoalbuminemia predicted poor operative morbidity and mortality, but other studies showed that this is a poor indicator because. Be other physiological changes such as water retention He hypothesizes that dietary intervention ‘can only in prospective clinical studies in which patients in the study with subjects who are not receiving nutritional therapy are compared determined ‘. He then examines some of these randomized controlled trials. Parenteral nutrition does not seem to positively affect surgical results. Of those who fact showed a VA study an increase in the operational-related infections in the group with the use of enteral nutrition, parenteral nutrition, infection rates, infection rates, but does not seem the mortality rate. The mortality rate. Respect to the administration of specific amino acids seems to improve again infection, but again does not reduce mortality. – He concludes: ‘. Although nutritional support prevents patients die of hunger, it has not the ability to completely overcome the metabolic effects of ‘ ‘He believes that more basic research is needed, but in the meantime we need to continue the best evidence-based techniques to improve the nutritional status of our surgery patients with.

However of Surgery – JC Hall of Perth, Australia begins his article: ‘Many health care professionals to see nutritional assessments as key to improving the care of surgical patients. ‘It sets as its objective the evaluation of the usefulness of assessing nutritional status of surgical patients, so by a literature review.

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