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At the University of Michigan, 3D printed splints possess helped conserve the lives of babies with severe tracheobronchomalacia, which in turn causes the windpipe to periodically collapse and prevents normal breathing. Hollister and Green are leading efforts to design customized medical implants for those and other patients.. 3D printed model of fetus face helps determine life-threatening airway mass in unborn child Megan Thompson was about 30 weeks pregnant when an ultrasound showed a walnut-sized lump on her behalf tiny, unborn child's encounter that could prevent him from breathing after birth. Thompson was described the University of Michigan's C.S. Mott Children's Medical center where doctors had to decide whether baby Conan could be delivered safely through a C-section or needed a rare and complex lifesaving procedure.Managing AN means dealing with the conditions that are leading to your skin darkening . Causes The exact causes of acanthosis nigricans vary and so are unknown often. In some situations, it can hereditary be, occurring in healthy kids and teens otherwise. Although not dangerous in these cases, it can make kids self-conscious about their appearance. AN is found in children with elevated blood insulin levels commonly, a condition often associated with children who are obese or overweight or have diabetes. Sometimes AN could be a danger sign of other much more serious conditions, such as certain cancers and endocrine problems, along with type 2 diabetes and the ongoing health issues associated with obesity.