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The company says it is too early to speculate how Jolee Mohr died but adds that patient safety is definitely of paramount importance and all their trials are designed and conducted with that in mind. Targeted Genetics says they are confident in the basic safety of the product and are wanting to complete the clinical trials, which they state will determine the efficacy and safety profile of the or any other medication candidate. The FDA says it is not aware of any relative unwanted effects of studies using AAV. Some expert believe that until such early gene therapies are better understood, they should only be tested on those who are experiencing severe, life-threatening conditions. Most agree that in regard to gene therapy analysis, a rise in federal funding allows the science to build up in a far more regulated environment with experts released from commercial pressures..Although at the same time, it is to be described that the scalp needs more time to heal accompanied by a strip excision medical procedures. Moreover, FUE is more invasive in character minimally, with hardly detected scars rendering it prefect for sufferers who dread linear scarring. The incisions are created with thorough accuracy and the extracted follicles are studied with great attention before harvesting.